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Birding At Burundi Lakes

Kirundo region is situated far North of Burundi and a very ideal destination for all nature lovers around the world; The region is situated at an altitude between 1300 to 1800 meters. The area also offers a unique touch of the African continent from the ordinary ancestral life style.

Lake Rwihinda also referred to as a birds Lake and a very stunning place for nature- bird lovers due to the fact that it makes one appreciate God’s work of creation. This is located in Kirundo region close to the prominent hills of Shinge and Rugero occupying an area of 425hectares. The lake is inland making it different from the rest of the Lakes due to its

It is an inland lake and distinguishes itself from the rest of the lakes by its countenance which consists of an island where tourists can freely explore the dugout canoes. Not only is t Depending on the visitors, the attraction of the lake does not only lie in its spectacular natural aspect, but also the dugout itself is an element of tourist attraction for the lake and island are not the only things that attract the tourists but also the dugout canoes which make some sound making the whole encounter very unique, exciting and exceptional.

The lake as well as the nature around it are conserved and protected by the National Institute for the Environment and Nature Preservation (INECN) since 1959. Along the lake are floating plants called water lilies (nymphea dispo) and potamogeton where as the animals come in form of fish species. There are also 49 different species of migratory and sedentary birds that are mainly aquatic. The lake also has two different kinds of solid clods in the lake called ‘Ibishinga’ and one of them has vegetation that is immobile where as the other has no plants in continuous movement depending on the direction of the light wind blowing in the lowland Burundi.