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Birding in Burundi

Ruvubu National Park

Birding in Burundi is carried out at the prominent Ruvubu National Park which is the largest national park in Burundi occupying an area of 508 km2. The park extends further in the North East of Burundi, south west wards off the Tanzania border in a distance of about 65 kms from the Ruvubu River. In the south Western, the park is located about 20 km Eastwards the town of Gitega. The Ruvubu river valley consists of numerous tributaries that are enfolded by swampy vegetation on all sides as well as forest and Savannah woodland. This vegetation includes Hyparrhenia grassland with Brachystegia, Julbernardia, Combretum and Terminalia spp. Acacia seyal plus Pericopsis and Parinari spp along the slopes. The riverine forest includes areas of Cyperus papyrus and Phoenix reclinata as well as flood-plain grassland where as papyrus swamps with sparse Syzygium occupy the drainage lines of candid valleys. The park covers a very relevant area of approximately 1.5-10 kms on both ends of the Ruvubu River located along the Eastern coast of Burundi. This was founded in 1980 occupying an area of about 500 km2. There are numerous wildlife animals and species of flowers that are natural and these make the park very stunning and different from the rest of the attractions around Burundi. The park is known for its unique bird watching experiences it offers to all vivid birders that transfer to this destination while on safari holiday in Burundi. This park was established to preserve and conserve the rare species of animals as well as birds

Approximately 200 different bird species are known to be inhabitants of this park and some of these include Ardeola idae, Neotis denhami, Circus macrourus, Falco naumanni Gallinago, many water birds like Pelecanus onocrotalus and Mycteria ibis. These can be spotted in the rainy season which extends from the month of October to May. However, there are other Tourist destinations/ National Parks in Burundi as well as Lakes where birds can be spotted and encountered so as to leave the travelers content with their adventure safari holidays.