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15 Jun
Chimpanzee Tracking in Burundi

Chimpanzee Tracking in East Africa Countries

Chimpanzee Tracking in East African Countries- Primates Planning to watch the primates in Africa- Enjoy visiting the various Chimpanzee Tracking destinations in East  Africa with a Trusted Tour operator from Uganda, Rwanda or Burundi & Tanzania while on an Africa Safari Holiday. Chimpanzee Tracking Safaris can be joined with Gorilla Trek Africa tours offered in […]

15 Jun
Lowland Gorillas

Africa Gorilla Trekking Guide- Visit Gorillas in Africa

Gorilla Trekking Guide-Africa Safari Tour: Gorillas are one of the unique African primates that are not fond anywhere else in the world unless the Pearl of Africa-Uganda, the country of beautiful rolling hills-Rwanda and the vast green country-Democratic Republic of Congo. These are differentiated in between  Mountain Gorillas, Eastern Lowland Gorillas, Western Lowland Gorillas as […]