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Gisakura Tea Estate

Gisakura Tea Estate

Suitably located in Rwanda near the crowded beautiful town of Gisenyi, Gisakura tea estate should be every traveler that loves to taste Africa’s tea while seated and relaxed in any destination around Rwanda. The tea plantations are vast and managed appropriately by the local people who have improvised unique methods so as to produce quality tea to all. visit and take a cup so as to share with your families as well as friends back home.

Tea Growing and Tasting in Rwanda

Gisakura tea Estate is a vast tea plantation situated in Rwanda and a very exceptional destination for all coffee and tea lovers transferring to Nyungwe Forest National Park. The place has various tea ridges that are very adventurous for all visitors as well as beautiful sceneries of the Mountains in the distance. Depending on the time you visit, you will encounter what you want for example, those that visit on a Sunday, will not have an opportunity to spot the farmers as well as indulge in any activity since at this time, these have gone back home to rest where as those that visit from Monday to Saturday, will have the opportunity to spot the farmers doing hard work to see that they harvest quality tea. You will spot them pick and collect the tea in the baskets which is a unique experience and we recommend you carry a very good camera to enable you take beautiful photos with you.

While here, you will be greeted and welcomed by the farmers and you will be free to discover how the tea id harvested, processed and manufactured an experience that will leave you amazed.

Coffee Plantation in Rwanda

Other than tea production in Rwanda, there is also coffee that is grown along the verdant rolling hills located at a distance along the country side of Rwanda. The coffee produced in Rwanda is on high demand in all the international markets around the globe and all the coffee plantations look amazing along the rolling hills making the country side look so spectacular and beautiful.  The coffee gets ready to be harvested in the months of February and May and these are coated with a deep cranberry red color which signifies that they are ready to be plucked and harvested. There are various candid growers that produce coffee around Rwanda. Visits to the plantations take place around Gisenyi. Farmer co operatives and Washing stations are also located near this area and her you will meet people who will explain a lot about the whole process of growing coffee. Each coffee type comes naturally with a generous taste and in order to experience this, you will have to make reservations with the RDB (Rwanda Development Board) or a valid tour operator agency. The washing stations around Rwanda include the following;

Kinunu Washing Station

Situated facing the shores of Lake Kivu, Kinunu Washing Station is a very magnificent place to visit while in Rwanda due to the appropriately arranged coffee trees growing downwards along the fertile hills near the shores of the vast fresh water Lake Kivu. The washing station is just 20 km South of Gisenyi and can be accessed by boat/ bicycle. It was locally founded ordinarily by the Kubwimana family that has collaborated with KZ Noir a coffee investment company situated in Kigali and this under the management of Gilbert Gatali. This organization is well managed and mainly focuses on producing quality coffee to all coffee lovers something that has improved the coffee produced.

Ingoboka washing station

The Ingoboka washing station is located close to the Kayove village along the way between Gisenyi and Karongi and manages different plantations and washing stations in the area. It also operates various scattered beautiful farms on Nyamirundi Island and these are accessible by taking a short row away from the mainland. It is also an interesting coffee washing station that should also be visited while in Rwanda.

There are other coffee washing stations in Rwanda and these include Cyebumba, Nkora, Rugamba, Shangi, Cyivugiza, and Cyiya. These all are situated South of Karongi as well as on the Southern shore of the Lake close to the capital. The Buliza washing station is found in between Kigali and Gicumbi.

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