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Isumo Waterfalls in Rwanda

Isumo Waterfalls in Rwanda

Looking for a fulfilling safari adventure that will leave you extraordinarily contented, transfer to the Isumo waterfalls to enjoy beautiful sightings of the unique bird species that fly around the falls as well as other primates , snakes and wildlife animals. There are also other tourist attractions at Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe Forest National Park, Akagera National Park as well as Gisenyi beach and Lake Kivu.

Hiking Trails in Rwanda

In order to spot and enjoy beautiful encounters around the Isumo Falls, you will be required to take a hike which will start at the beautiful Nyungwe Forest Lodge then proceed through stunning green tea fields and grassy borders maintained by goats as well as wild flowers and butterflies. While on the way, you will have magnificent views of Lake Kivu in the North West as well as the DRC.

Isumo waterfalls

Are you a traveler looking for an exciting snake watching experience, transfer to the area around these majestic waterfalls where you will see different types along the rocks, the vegetation and trees close.  The word Isumo means waterfall in the local Kinyarwanda language. The waterfall is located about 17 m high enhancing a very stunning experience and encounter while watching the birds of the air and various primates enjoying their habitat. Along the way are various ferns, flowers as well as lianas and caves in the over dangling cliffs where you will spot the rainbow in the spray especially during sunny days.  Close lies the Kamiranzovu in a distance of 3 km East and about 100 m high. The water falls floor from different vantage points and you can choose which one to experience as according to how wet you want to get. There is also mist that covers the bench permanently wet making the whole place very tremendous to spot and enjoy.

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