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Primate Watching

At Kibira National Park Burundi, there are various primates one can spot while navigating through the thick forest vegetation from one place to another. Numerous primates can be viewed and some of these include the grey cheeked Mangabeys, white and black colobus Monkeys, vervet monkeys, blue monkeys, red tailed monkey, L’Hoest Monkeys etc.

The L’Hoest Monkeys

  • These are referred to as mountain monkeys
  • They are endemic to the albertine Rift and can also be found in the Rwenzori Mountains and Bwindi impenetrable forest as well as Gishwati Forest.
  • They have dark black bodies with a fuzzy white beard
  • They move on all the fours on the ground as they hunt
  • The males weigh between 5-7 kilos where as the females are smaller in size
  • The smaller groups are dominated and led by females

The Blue Monkeys

  • They are not blue in color but instead are light grey with olive fur which gives off its kind of the blue hue while at the tree tops.
  • They live in the tree tops so one has to look up in the trees in order to spot them
  • They rarely come down at the forest floor but instead find food and shelter in the tree tops.
  • They live in female groups of about 10-40 with one dominant male.
  • All of them raise each other’s young ones like they are theirs.
  • Are prominently found around Uwinka visitor’s center at Nyungwe Forest.

The Vervet Monkeys

  • They are referred to as the grey Guenon
  • They can also be found in the Open woodlands and Savannah
  • They like the baboon’s raid crops and can enter homes to search for food.
  • The faces have black masks where as the rest of the body is grey.
  • They are the most regular monkey around the world.