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Rusizi national park

Rusizi national park is situated close to the Rusizi River approximately 15 km North of Bujumbura city and a very famous tourist destination in Burundi. The park inhabits various flora and fauna that find this place a very appealing place as well as comfortable habitat. The fauna that is usually spotted here includes hippopotamuses and sitatungas as well as other wildlife species like the antelopes, monkeys and many different  species of vibrant birds making the national park a very ideal destination for all tourists around the world. Getting to Rusizi National Park will require one to drive for about 20 minutes from the down town of Bujumbura and while here, expect to spot hippos in the river. However, you can take a boat cruise along the river where you will spot families of crocodiles as well as hippos and take various photos to keep pictures of these for memories. You will also spot the flamingos which will leave you amazed due to their big numbers as well as their color that changes all the time. Before the boat cruise, ensure to check the standard fees for the cruise due to the fact that the operators of the boats tend to rise the prices illogically.